Global Innovation Consulting Inc. Introduction

After the period of Meiji Restoration, Japan has emerged from a third country into a modernized and industrialized nation which made known its presence to the world in the early twentieth century.
However, learning from the setback brought about by the development during and after World War II, Japan now mainly intends to expand its contribution as good role model nation, peacefully coexist with the members of the international community, and offer various economic services for the betterment of mankind.
Global Innovation Consulting Inc. (GIC) was established in April 1, 2011. We primarily provide support services for overseas business expansion of small and medium enterprise (SME) companies, dispatch of global system engineers (GSE) within Japan, and perform system integrations (SI) services aided with our deep knowledge and wide experience in the field of Information Technology. As a new company, we challenge ourselves to incessantly improve so we can positively share sense of values of global business.




Thin Client Services
VOIP/ VPN Services
Oversea IT infrastructure Services
Files Transfer Services(FTP)

Based on the experience with global partners , we are offered various support services by global delivery realization of high quality and low cost.

we offer skilled personnel with necessary expertise corresponding our customers’ needs such as; manpower requirement, deployment period, and skills matching.

we will provide a one-stop solution from consulting in planning overseas expansion, to operation and maintenance after founding company.

To learn the skills that are required to do business in global environment.
To train human resources needed to do business in global environment.

To be able to master Ruby On Rails programming language skills

Global Innovation Consulting Inc.

Global Innovation Consulting Inc.

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Tokyo 130-0021 Japan

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