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In last several years, the globalization of Japanese enterprise has rapidly accelerated and the numbers of Japanese companies expanding to overseas are steadily increasing year by year.
The business purpose varies depending on the company such as for cost reduction, in order to expand the share in new markets, to launch a new business and to take advantage of the rich human resources. In order to select the most suitable country to serve each business purposes above, the movement to promote overseas expansion actively has become popular. Lacking of global human resources who can take the responsibility of overseas business and human resources training in small and medium-sized companies has become a great challenge.

For the above issues to be resolved, is it not e-Learning is the solution? Thus, the idea was born and became GIC e-Learning Division which started to operate in March, 2013. In order to contribute to the success of both overseas partners and Japanese companies expanding overseas, e-Learning materials Global Leader Training Courses were created and available now in the market. By targeting venture IT Company, e-Learning courses were started to launch in the market from March 2013. We were able to sign-up 6 companies which already started to use our e-Learning services. We also created the e-Learning course for new employees to be assigned for offshore operation. Currently, this course is created in Myanmar Language. We also have plans to produce this in multiple languages. On the other hand, Ruby programming language called ‘Ruby On Rails All In One’ has also been created.

  • Global Leader Training Course

    The Purpose of the Course

    • To learn the skills that are required to do business in global environment.
    • To train human resources needed to do business in global environment.

    This course is recommended for the following business

    • Companies that are considering to expand business
      overseas (especially to Myanmar, Philippines and
      Vietnam) in IT and Manufacturing field
    • Companies that have already expanded its business
      overseas ,but have problems in global business

    Details information of
    ‘Global Leader Training Course’

  • Ruby on Rails All in One Course

    The Purpose of the Course

    • To be able to master Ruby On Rails programming language skills

    This course is recommended for the following business

    • Companies which are urgently in need to improve the productivity by reducing cost
    • Companies which felt dissatisfaction on development done through PHP and the JAVA
    • Companies which are new to web application framework
    • Companies which are familiar to use MVC framework or Companies which are considering to start using the MVC framework

    Details information of ‘Ruby on Rails All in One Course’ら

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