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Mg Shwe Moe, he is the Corporate Identity of GIC. He wears the traditional costume of Myanmar. He is interested in IT and he can speak well in Japanese, English and Myanmar. He wants to do the global business service in the future.

The Female Corporate Identity of GIC, Ma Shwe Lei, she is the best friend of Mg Shwe Moe. She can also speak 3 languages like her friend. She also wears the traditional costume of Myanmar. She loves flowers and usually wears a flower in her hair like most of Myanmar girls. Do you notice yellowish-white cosmetic paste at her cheek? Yes, it is "Thanaka", a traditional facial cosmetic of Myanmar.
You can see most of Myanmar girl are daily applying Thanaka to their face. So lovely! (^▽^)/

We are warmly welcome to GIC. Let start the global business with Mg Shwe Moe and Ma Shwe Lei.

Name Mg Shwe Moe
Gender Boy
Hobby Traveling, Playing games
Special skill Photography
What he likes using Facebook and cooking Myanmar cuisine

Name Ma Shwe Lei
Gender Girl
Hobby study the new Languages around the world
Special skill Singing, Cooking
What She likes make a friend smile, flower, Tha na ka

Global Innovation Consulting Inc.

Global Innovation Consulting Inc.

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